Hot damn I love the style preview


We have this sweet mentally handicapped regular customer who comes into my work quite a lot. Today he told me I should have a nice boyfriend who takes care of me cause I deserve it. Made my day

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how the fuck am i supposed to make life decisions i’m not even sure i want to be alive

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My gravestone is going to read

"PSA: Taylor Swift isn’t the only artist to write songs about their love life"

" I spent my life building walls instead of bridges
then wondered why I felt so alone "

I’m in a REALLY vile mood so i’m not listening to Welcome to New York until tomorrow/when my mood gets better because last time I listened to a new track I was excited to hear when I was in a bad mood was when shake it off was released and I was in a really bad state and didn’t like it initially, which i blame my mood for. I learned my lesson: don’t be too eager that you risk an initial excited opinion over. I owe it to Taylor to listen to the track when i’m in a good mood so I can appreciate it.

Anonymous: Do you like Welcome to New York? :-)

i haven’t listened yet